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Live Server loves 💘 your multi-root workspace

Live Server for server side pages like PHP. Check Here

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Launch a development local Server with live reload feature for static & dynamic pages.

Live Server Demo VSCode

Shortcuts to Start/Stop Server

[NOTE: In case if you don’t have any .html or .htm file in your workspace then you have to follow method no 4 & 5 to start server.]

  1. Open a project and directly click to Go Live from StatusBar to turn on/off the server. Go Live Control Preview

  2. Right click on a HTML file from Explorer Window & click to Open with Live Server. Explorer Window Control.

  3. Open a HTML file and Right click on the editor and choose the options. Edit Menu Option Preview

  4. Hit (alt+L, alt+O) to Open the Server and (alt+L, alt+C) to Stop the server (You can change the shortcut form keybinding). [On MAC, cmd+L, cmd+O and cmd+L, cmd+C]

  5. Press F1 or ctrl+shift+P and type Live Server: Open With Live Server to start a server or type Live Server: Stop Live Server to stop a server.



Open VSCode Editor and Press ctrl+P, type ext install ritwickdey.liveserver.


All settings are now listed here Settings Docs.


All FAQs are now listed here FAQ Docs

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Special Thanks To Maintainers

A special thanks to Max Schmitt & Joydip Roy for contributing their valueable times on this project.

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This extension is licensed under the MIT License