| Version | Date | Changelog | |—|—|—| |5.0.0|15.06.2018| — [New] One of the most requested feature is here. Live Server 💘 your multi-root workspace. Yes, Live Server is now supports vscode multi-root workspace. [#151]

[Dropped] Previously, Live Server was supported for no workspace (just a single html file is opened). This feature is removed. (In case, you’re missing this feature, open an issue request. We love your feedback)

[New] New Command is added to change entry point of workspace. ctrl+shift+p and type Live Server: Change Live Server workspace to change workspace path. Tips: You don’t need to use the command, Live Server is smart enough, it’ll eigher ask what you want or automatically set the correct workspace if you right click on a HTML file to start the server| |4.0.1|05.06.2018| — Keybinding has been changed to alt+L, alt+O & alt+L, alt+C for Windows/Linux & cmd+L, cmd+O & cmd+L, cmd+C for MAC . [#121] (Thanks Joydip Roy)

Stop Live Server options is added in editor-context menu.

— Live Sever Icon is refreshed [#144] (Thanks Pluwen)

— TypeScript files are now in default ignore list. [#125] (Thanks Ryan Naddy)| |4.0.0|14.05.2018| — Integraded Websocket Support. [#89]
— Now open server with Local Ip instead of (See settings page for more details) [#116]
— Availity to hide status bar Go Live button. [#117]
file settings : Path to the entry point entry point file. For SPA support. (See settings page for more details) [#118]
— Docs updated. [#93 #94 #107 #109]

Thanks to the contributors 💓 who made this possible. Max Schmitt, Joydip Roy, Jasonalex, Douglas Chen, Bernard Vander Beken, Philippe Loctaux, Arshad Hasan | |3.2.1|17.02.2018 | — Re-deployed to vscode marketplace. For some reason few users are facing command 'extension.liveServer.goOnline' not found error.
[#78] [#80] [#78#issuecomment] [Tweet]
(Still the reason of the error is unknown to me.)

— Docs Updated |3.2.0| 09.02.2018 | — [New Feature [#72]] liveServer.settings.mount settings added for mounting a directory to a route (see settings section for more details.) [Thanks Douglas Chen for the PR#73]
| |3.1.0| 24.01.2018 | — [New feature #68 & #64] CORS Enabled by default. [Thanks Elias García & Gabriele Garavini]

[New Settings / Enhacement] liveServer.settings.fullReload settings added for full reload instead of css inject (see settings section for more details.)

[New Settings / Enhacement #49] liveServer.settings.wait settings added for delay before live reloading (see settings section for more details.) [Thanks Allen] |3.0.2|19.12.17| — [Enhacement #38 & #55] default keybinding for MAC is changed to cmd+L O & cmd+L C to open & close server respectively. [Thanks Jens Alexander Ewald, Tim-Lars Schnehag & @nakedtoast]
| |3.0.1|17.12.17| — [Bug Fixed #31] AdvanceCustomBrowserCmdLine settings has been fixed. You can specify full path of your favorite custom browser [Thanks hdd1013].

[Bug Fixed #47] ChromeDebuggingAttachment settings has been fixed. [Thanks Dr. YSG].| |3.0.0| 23.10.17 | — [Announcement] : Live Server is now supports dynamic pages like PHP through Live Server Web Extension.

[New #20] Support for https protocol. (For more, see the setting section) [Thanks Xaqron].

[New] Support for proxy. (For more, see the setting section)

[New] Setup settings for Live Server Web Extension. (For more, see the setting section)

[Dropped] additionalTagsForLiveReload setting dropped. (For more, see the setting section) | |2.2.1|07.10.17| — [Fixed #26] : CPU Overloads due to **/node_modules/** folder is fixed - Now **/node_modules/** is excluded by default. (Special Thanks to Bestvow for the help, Thanks to user921 for the report).

[Fixed] Small fixes in Statusbar Button.| |2.2.0|2.10.2017| — [New] Two new options added to liveServer.settings.CustomBrowser settings.
(For more, see the setting section).

[New/Enhancement] Support for SVG files. (Now right on a svg file & click to Open with live Server).

[Fixed #27] Possibility of add custom hostname. (Thanks Alex Lukyanov for reporting the issue). |2.1.1|11.09.17| [Enhancement #22 #23] Now you can trun off the warring message for not detecting supporting tag for live reload. (Thanks skelesp and 郑国庆 for the feedback) | |2.1.0 | 10.09.17 | — [New Feature with Setting #14] liveServer.settings.additionalTagsForLiveReload : Support for Live Reload feature if there are no body or head tag in HTML. [Experimental Feature - BETA] (See Settings section for more details).

[Feature/Enhancement #18] Now the Extension will prompt a message if supporting tag for live reload isn’t detected in HTML.

[Bug Fixes #21] Error on very fast double click on “Go Live” button. | 2.0.0 | 27.08.17 | — [Final Release with v2.0.0] The Preview tag is removed from the extension. (BTW, More update comming… :smile:)

[New Shortcut #17] Explorer Context Menu shortcut added. Just right click on a a HTML file & click Open with Live Server.

[Enhancement #16] No more annoy message ‘Live reload enabled’ on browser console everytime. Now it will be logged on console for only one time. [Thanks AAhrit].

[Fixed #11] In case if your folder name contains exclamatory sign (!) (E.g. : myfolder!name), live reload was not working [Thanks oliku].

[One Shortcut Dropped] : Server closing shortcut by right clicking onto a HTML file is removed. (I believe that was a unconventional shortcut. if I am wrong, open a issue request on GitHub.). | |1.6.11|20.08.17|— [Fixed Again #13] Browser was not opening after server started in Linux. - I don’t really know, why the issue is occurring if I build package with vsce from Windows but no issue from Linux.

[New Settings] To switch host name between localhost and Default is| |1.6.10|19.08.17| — [Fixed #13] Browser was not opening after server started in Linux. [Thanks Ahmed Alzhrani].

[Fixed] Fixed Ignore Files feature (It was working only for first time of starting server).

[Enhancement] Now you don’t have to open a file to start server from workspace. Previously you got an annoyed message saying “Open a file…“.| |1.6.9|15.08.17| — [New Settings] liveServer.settings.donotShowInfoMsg : To turn off information pop-up messages like “Server starts with port xxxx” or like that. To turn off it, you can set the value as true or you can click to “Don’t show again” when a information message pop-up.

[Enhancement] When server is already started & you right click onto a HTML file & choose ‘Open with Live Server’, instead of a pop-up message that “Server already is already running at port xxxx”, now it will open the HTML file to browser with same server instance.

— Source Code is refactored (If you you found anything broken, feel free to report me on GitHub). | |1.6.8|04.08.17|[New Settings] liveServer.settings.ignoreFiles: To ignore specific file changes. (For More details, check out Settings section) [#10]. (Thanks AminLA).| |1.6.7|30.07.17|[New Settings] liveServer.settings.NoBrowser - If it is true live server will start without browser opened.| |1.6.6|28.07.17|— Remote Connect : Change something into HTML/CSS/JS from your PC and watch the effect to your phone with live reload.[Need Help? See FAQ Section]
.htm support.| |1.6.5|26.07.17|Bug Fixed for Linux & macOS. Sometime extension was crashing if liveServer.settings.CustomBrowser settings is not provided by manually on macOS & Linux. | |1.6.4|26.07.17|Critical Bug Fixed for Linux & macOS. Extension was crashing for liveServer.settings.root settings on macOS & Linux. | |1.6.3| 24.07.17 | Validation added for Port range. | |1.6.2| 22.07.17 | Fixed error handling for unavailable port. | |1.6.1|20.07.17|Fixed Update - Extension was not opening system’s default browser. [Sorry for that, Extension was crashing internally]| |1.6.0|19.07.17| — [#5] New Settings - liveServer.settings.AdvanceCustomBrowserCmdLine - Now set your any favorite browser (Eg: Chrome Canary, Firefox Nightly) for Live Server using advance Command Line. (More Info.) [Thanks Obinna A. Kalu].

— Support for Microsoft-Edge through liveServer.settings.CustomBrowser settings. | |1.5.0 | 17.07.17 | [Quick Gif Demo] New Feature Added - Support for Chrome Debugging Attachment. (You have to enable the feature through liveServer.settings.ChromeDebuggingAttachment settings. More Info.). [Thanks Obinna A. Kalu [#5] ]. |1.4.4 | 12.07.17 | Validation Pattern is added for root settings & Custom Browser settings is fixed. Package size reduced. |1.4.3 | 10.07.17 | Status-bar Icon added. Minor Fix update on Status bar control. | |1.4.2|08.07.17|Minor Fix Update on Custom Browser Setting.| |1.4.1 | 07.07.17 | Minor Fix Update. (Thanks Adam) [#4]. | |1.4.0 | 04.07.17 | Two new settings are added.
— 1. liveServer.settings.root to change root of server in between workspace folder structure. (Thanks zorgoz for the suggestion) [#2].
— 2. liveServer.settings.CustomBrowser to change default browser.

— Bug Fixed - Cannot GET/ Error when server starts with a html file located sub folder of root. (Thanks John Michael Robin for reporting the bug) [#3]. | 1.3.1 | 03.07.17 | File Extension detection issue is fixed, Live Server will be activated if there have atleast one HTML except in your node_modoules directory and description of extension updated as git repo name of the extension is updated to conventional name | | 1.3.0 | 02.07.17 |Go Live option on Statusbar will be appeared if HTML file is opened or if there have at least one HTML file in workspace.(Thanks Yu Zhang) [#1].| | 1.2.0 | 30.06.17 | Settings for Customizing Port No of Live Server. Small UX updated. | | 1.1.1 | 30.06.17 | Keyboad Shortcuts has been changed to ALT+L, O and ALT+L, C due to Shift+ANY_CHARACTER has different meaning - sorry for that. | 1.1.0 | 30.06.17 | Editor/Context Menu Shortcut & Keyboad Shortcut added, Changelog added and Readme updated. | | 1.0.0 | 29.06.17 | Fixed - issue in Server closing. | | 0.2.0 | 28.06.17 | Status Bar control & User Experience updated and bugs Fixed. | | 0.1.0 | 28.06.17 | Live Server Port details added, Bugs fixed & improvement. | | 0.0.2 | 28.06.17 | Extension Icon & description added. | | 0.0.1 | 28.06.17 | Initial Release. |