Version Date Changelog
3.0.0 11.07.2018 — Upgrade sass.js library that included fixes for 8 digit Hex code & grid name. [Fixes #39, #40, #78]
2.2.1 29.06.2018 [Fixes #77] Rebuild the package
2.2.0 29.06.2018 [Fixes #76] (That was library issue. Sass.js is downgraded to v0.10.8)
2.1.0 28.06.2018 [Fixes #73] Change detection of Partial Sass was missing in v2.0.0
2.0.0 27.06.2018 — Fixes #6 #62
— Include Path Fixes
— Grid Autoprefix
— Autoprefix is now on by default
1.3.0 19.02.2018 [NEW #41]
- added ability to suppress the output window
- Statusbar button Color change based on Success and error.

[Thanks a lot to Brandon Baker for sumitting the PR ]
1.2.0 21.12.17 [New Features #26] savePath setting updated. You can now specify savePath location relative to your Sass files. See Settings section for more details [Thanks Marius]

[Bug Fixed #25] No more extra new line in generated CSS. [Thanks Shahril Amri]

[Bug Fixed #33] Now firefox is recognizing source scss file. [Thanks Felix]
1.1.0 01.11.17 [NEW #19] Support for autoprefix in generated CSS. (see settings section for more) [Thanks a lot to boyum for sumitting the PR #22]

[Bug fixed #20] : Fixed liveSassCompile.settings.includeItems settings. [Thanks Hoàng Nam]
1.0.1 10.10.17 [Fixes #17] Default value savePath from new settings (.formats) is revised. If you don’t set any value it will generate CSS at the same location of sass/scss as it was before. (See settings section for more details) [Thanks 2289034325 & Ibsenleo for the feedback]
1.0.0 10.10.17 [New Features/settings #10] Support for multiple extensionName, formats & save locations . [Thanks to Trinh Xuan Manh for the suggestion and a Special Thanks to Ibsenleo for the PR #16.]

NOTE : Due to enable this feature, the liveSassCompile.settings.format, .savePath, .extensionName settings are dropped. [See settings section for the new setting.]
0.5.1 23.09.17 [Bug Fixed #12] Sass files from excluded list was compiled on individual savings. [Thanks Braedin Jared]
0.5.0 25.08.17 [New Settings] liveSassCompile.settings.generateMap : Set it as false if you don’t want .map file for compiled CSS. Default is true. [#9 Thanks Mark Hewitt for the PR].
0.4.0 21.08.17 [Renamed] liveSassCompile.settings.excludeFolders is renamed to liveSassCompile.settings.excludeList.

[Fixed] You can set glob pattern to exclude files through liveSassCompile.settings.excludeList settings. You can also use negative glob pattern.[For More details, follow settings section]

[New Settings #8 ] liveSassCompile.settings.includeItems : This setting is useful when you deals with only few of sass files. Only mentioned Sass files will be included. NOTE: No need to include partial sass files. [Thanks PatrickPahlke].
0.3.4 15.08.17 [Fixed #7] Duplicate Output. [Thanks Tomekk-hnm].
0.3.3 01.08.17 [#5] Critical Fix Update for Linux & macOS. (Thanks a lot to Shea Fitzek).
0.3.2 01.08.17 [Hot Fix] CSS & map link was broken.
0.3.1 30.07.17 — Ordering of Output log is fixed.

NOTE : Lot of code (almost full code) is changed as I’ve refactored the source code. So, if anything is broken (Hopefully NOT :D ), feel free to open a issue request on GitHub. I’m happy to resolve the bugs.
0.3.0 29.07.17 — This update does not include any new feature or major fix but a big fix in source code setup. I was facing a big configuration issue between TypeScript and non-NPM third-party library since I released the extension - even I was not able to debug extension directly from TypeScript codes. Finally I am able to fix it. (I promise, more updates are coming soon…).
— Statusbar text (at watching mode) has been changed.
—Package size reduced to more than 50%.
0.2.2 25.07.17 New Command added for one time Sass/Scss compilation. - Press F1 or ctrl+shift+p and enter Compile Sass - Without Watch Mode.
0.2.1 21.07.17 [#4] Critical Bug Fixed update. [Thanks Cassio Cabral].
0.2.0 20.07.17 [#3] New settings added to exclude specific folders from workspace. All Sass/Scss files inside the folders will be ignored. [Thanks Cassio Cabral for the suggestion].
0.1.2 19.07.17 Small Fix (Rename) update.
0.1.1 14.07.17 Fixed #2 - Partial Sass/Sass files are not compiling in watching mode. (Thanks again, Kerry Smyth :p)
0.1.0 13.07.17 Feature Added #1 - Now the extesion will also generate Linker Address Map (.map) files in the same directory of .css (Thanks, Kerry Smyth).
0.0.5 11.07.17 liveSassCompile.settings.extensionName settings added.
0.0.4 11.07.17 Icon updated.
0.0.3 11.07.17 Fix update for Linux environment.
0.0.2 11.07.17 Small description updated.
0.0.1 11.07.17 Initial Preview Release with following key features.
— Live SASS & SCSS Compile.
— Customizable file location of exported CSS.
— Customizable exported CSS Style (expanded, compact, compressed, nested.)
— Quick Status bar control.
— Live Reload to browser (Live Server extension dependency).

[Released] (11.07.2017)

[Unreleased] (09.07.17 - 10.07.2017)